Who Signed The Incredible 2.25$ Billion Deal With TCS

TCS’s shares are rising this morning (Dec 22) for a reason. The news of 2.25$ Billion Deal of TCS is doing rounds. Clearly, the shares are in the green. Who signed such a big deal with TCS. You will know in a while.

TCS, the 80$ Billion giant makes huge value for shareholders year on year, quarter on quarter. There may be four to five IT giants in India, but none match the revenue and client base of TCS. No wonders, TCS is the largest IT service provider in India. And is that all…

Forbes ranked TCS as 64th most innovative company worldwide. This achievement is not without a reason. Innovation comes from a willingness to enter into new markets. TCS is one of very few companies to penetrate into small and medium-sized markets before others joined. TCS has clients at both extreme ends. Ok, but who signed the 2.25$ billion deal? Was it a government (such is the value of the deal) or a private organization? You will now know…

A deal such big can be signed only by a giant. And this giant is the top-ranked marketing research firm in the US. This company has a presence in incredible 100 countries. The company is a very familiar name if you are a news watcher. So finally…

The company I am talking about is Nielsen Holdings. The deal with TCS is not only big but is of long-term. The contract is said to extend at least till 2025. This ensures a consistent revenue for the company. And yet another solid reason for investors to remain invested!

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